News : Fathom powers the technology for the DigitalDallas Digital Fight Club event!



Digital Dallas is an organization that connects People, Organizations, and Ideas Putting Dallas on the Digital Map, and every August , for three years in a row now, they have a stellar event called the Digital Fight Club! There are 5 digital fights and the audiences and referees choose who wins.  

Fathom is very proud to power the technology for this event, and our software will be at play for the judges and audience to vote and to see the results of a digital fight! Come check it out!



Client News : MenuRunners on target to achieving 12 Million revenue in 2018





Fathom’s client, MenuRunners is on target to achieving 12 Million revenue in 2018. MenuRunners is an on-demand online ordering and food delivery service for the urban communities and mid-size markets across the nation,

MenuRunners has experienced tremendous growth since its launch in Jun 2016. They have acquired several companies, and provide food delivery service in over 30 cities.

Kudos to MenuRunners for this amazing growth!


Client News : TraceIT scores a huge strategic investment


Fathom’s awesome client TraceIT has secured a strategic investment of $500k. The company is now valued at 2 million dollars. We, at Fathom, are extremely proud of TraceIT’s achievement and are very fortunate to be a part of the TraceiT’s amazing journey. Many congratulations,  TraceIT!.

Client News : Mambo signs a 50,000 user contract with Chatauqua Institution.




This is stellar news from Mambo. Having helped build the Mambo from the ground up, we at Fathom are very happy to see Mambo’s on going success. Congratulations Mambo!




Client News : NachoBirthday crosses 15,000 user registrations.




NachoBirthday, an amazing client and a great friend of Fathom recently crossed over $90k of campaign money raised on the platform and impressively crossed the 15,000 user registration mark. Fathom congratulates Ryan and Dapo, the founders of NachoBirthday on this terrific milestone!


Product News : Fathom's in house product Betafy, hits #2 on Product Hunt



Betafy, Fathom’s in-house product, hit #2 on Product Hunt! Betafy has over 2500 users and over 1000 startups have signed up as of November 2017. Betafy is a platform that help startups get early feedback and make their beta stronger, and allows beta users gain valuable real world experience.



Fathom builds custom scalable software!


We build custom scalable software for startups and businesses and specialize in Saas and B2B solutions.

What we do is really awesome, and here are three reasons why:

A client's business model is more important to us. The technology we build comes in to support it!

So much for us being a technology provider, our main focus is always your business. We take great pains to understand every tiny bit of it, and technology always comes in second. This is the only way to build a technology solution that is perfectly aligned to business goals.

When we build something for our clients, we’re already building the next thing they need!

Once we understand your business, we constantly challenge ourselves in asking the question, “What is it that you need next and how can we be ready for building it now”. This introduces a look-ahead and a scalability mindset in what we are building for you from the get go. So, when we build something for you, we’ve already gotten started building the next thing you need.

Establishing a warm transparent relationship is a core need of ours!

There will always be challenges in any business, but at end of the day, beyond everything else, the biggest outcome of working well together is a transparent and a warm long term relationship, and this is an core emotional need of ours. We strive to have a relationship with our clients where we are able to ask without hesitation if they’d wear our tee shirts, and we have been very fortunate to see each of our clients do so!  



Jeevan Betigeri works tirelessly behind the scenes with his team of developers making our vision become reality in the products we put in front of our customers. He and his company have been a model of what true alignment and partnership look like to help create value and meaning for everyone within our ecosystem.

William White

Founder, TraceIT

I came to Fathom Software with only a concept two years ago, and it is now a reality! The team has consistently shown professionalism, attention to minute detail, and constant dedication even in the face of intense deadlines. This is truly a highly creative and knowledgeable team

Deanna Charles

Founder, Mambo LLC

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