Fathom Ideaware is a software development company based out of Dallas, TX. We provide end-to-end product development; CTO services and consultancy. We work in all areas of software product development and have been helping launch startups since 2011.

What are we good at?


We excel at ideation, user experience, costing, project planning and road mapping. So it’s not just product development. Plus, our comparative lower cost of product development truly sets us apart.

What’s our mindset?


On every engagement, we think like our client and immerse ourselves completely. As a result, we are able to bring tremendous functional value to a project, way beyond the scope of our engagement.

We can help you with

  • Building large web and mobile applications from the ground up.
  • Turning around stalled or incomplete projects.
  • Advising on startup product strategy and road mapping.

Our strong points


Even though we are a software development company, we are really skilled at thinking beyond software dev. We try to bring as much functional value as we can to a project and so, this leads to us sharing our client’s sense of purpose, ultimately resulting in a better, well thought out product.


We firmly understand that just knowing how to apply software development skills to a project is simply not enough. Which is why we immerse ourselves from the get go with our clients. We truly become their chief technology office.


We know all too well that software is not a ‘one solution fits many’. Every project is different and so are its needs. We take great pride in having the ability to adapt to a project’s needs very quickly and getting into a position of delivery as quickly as possible.


Usually under the guise of a best practice lie a lot of deprecated and archaic ways of developing products. So at Fathom, we strive to continually keep track of newer ways to improve our best practices to ensure that we are always at the cutting edge of software development.


We have been working with startups since 2011. We have been interacting with the enterprise world for way longer than that. All of this experience really comes together when we put our gray cells to work a project.

The Fathom Team

Arguably our biggest strength ever. Remarkable individuals who bring together an amazing synergy and drive to Fathom making us what we really are. This is why we are able to do a stellar job, this is why we are able to engage with clients on a long-term basis, and this is really why our clients end up being more of friends than clients.

Noteworthy Engagements

King Of The Hill Sports
North Texas Surgical Assist
5M Shoppers
Model Horse Mobile
Albatross Golf

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