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Our Core Values

Why Client Alignment, Understanding the Client’s Vision and Client Education are everything to us.

Here at Fathom, we believe our value add should help your business, venture, or idea grow, flourish, and scale into all that it was meant to be. We believe the technology and innovation should work in tandem, with nothing stopping the dreamer or entrepreneur behind the vision from growing their idea, service, or product today.

That’s why we want to make sure you understand our core values here at Fathom. While we are a technology company, we’re more than just a B2B SaaS applications dev shop – we aren’t in it for the short term, we’re here to work across your product’s entire lifecycle, from ideation through development, launch and beyond.

Without further ado, here are our three core values:



We align our mindset and our thought process with you. What do we mean by that? We work closely with you to start to dissect your thought processes and understand your vision. We ask questions and have conversations. By understanding your thought processes and aligning our mindset with yours, we are able to project the future needs of the product even before your realize them. When this happens, everything that we do together with you is always in line with the needs of the product, be it for the present or for the future.

Understanding the clients vision


Once the client entrusts our team with building an application for them, we always go the extra mile, every single time, to deliver, and product strategy takes center stage while executing the engagement. To us, the task at hand is not just to deliver what is expected of us, but to determine the best possible way to deliver. Hence, understanding your vision is paramount to the success of the engagement. We sit down with the clients, face to face, questioning them on every single feature they hope to see in their application. This time, it’s more of the dissection of the product and its features. During this process, we are able to understand you even more, offering up expert suggestions and features might not have not been originally known. That’s how all of our projects advance beyond the competitors’ alternatives.

Client Education


We have worked on a ton of engagements these past few years and there is tremendous experience that has come out of it. We recognize very well that for the partnership to be successful, both ends of the engagement have to be equally well informed. While we spend enough time to understand the client’s mindset and vision, we recognize that we need to impart our experience and knowledge them as well so that they not just know and understand all of the different possibilities, but they also are aware of any limitations and way to work around them. This is why we take it upon us to make sure that you are as well informed as you could be. In fact, client education completes the entire strategy and alignment vision. Software isn’t the easiest of topics to understand, which is why we take our time to ensure you minimize unknowns and digest everything around making your product a successful reality.

Client Alignment, Understanding the Client’s Vision, and Client Education: These are the foundational blocks of our value system that has consistently delivered success to our clients and to us. 

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