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Startups and Businesses grow better working with us


Startups and businesses grow better when they work with us. Here’s three good reasons why:

To us, a business model always comes first, everything else later.

A client’s business model is way more important to us, the tech we build comes in to support it. So much for us being a technology provider, our main focus is always the purpose of your business and your core business model. We take great pains to understand every tiny bit of it, and technology always follows to support and extend that purpose. In our opinion, this is the only way to build a technology solution that is perfectly aligned to business goals and the purpose.

This approach comes to us from all our past experience. A bunch of common sense adds a ton of further value to it. This helps us to lay out not just the right kind of technology, but also a clear idea on how the technology solution will scale your business. This makes us constantly ask ourselves, “How can we help our clients grow their business 10x?”.

“Recently, we have been helping TraceIT, one of our really awesome clients, do exactly this and the testimonial from Will White, Co-Founder of TraceIT, demonstrates this eloquently. Oh, by the way, TraceIT secured half a million in funding recently. From their first client!

Jeevan Betigeri works tirelessly behind the scenes with his team of developers making our vision become reality in the products we put in front of our customers. He and his company have been a model of what true alignment and partnership look like to help create value and meaning for everyone within our ecosystem.

William White


Our ability to look ahead.

Once we understand your business, we constantly challenge ourselves in asking the question, “What is it that you need next and how can we be ready for building it now”. This introduces a look-ahead and a scalability mindset in what we are building for you from the get go, and this really set us apart.

So, when we build something for you, we’ve already gotten started building the next thing you need. Hence, it often happens that when our clients approach us with newer enhancements, we’d have either already built it or would have at least primed up the product to be ready for that change. We have worked in this way with over 3 dozen engagements now. This ability, along with an innate ability to clearly see the clients long term vision, really fuels this approach. Amongst our recent projects, this has gotten seen in our engagement with Mambo, and Deanna Charles, the founder of Mambo, says this about us:

I came to Fathom Software with only a concept two years ago, and it is now a reality! The team has consistently shown professionalism, attention to minute detail, and constant dedication even in the face of intense deadlines This is truly a highly creative and knowledgeable team

Deanna Charles

Founder,Mambo LLC

Our core need for establishing warm long term transparent relationships.

There will always be challenges in any project, but at end of the day, beyond everything else, the biggest outcome of working well together is a transparent and a warm long-term relationship, and this is a core emotional need of ours. This is true of any of our engagements, no matter how small the initial engagement might be. We strive to have such a relationship with our clients, where they realize this wholesomely. We always want our client relationships to be at a level where if we were to ask them if they’dwear our tee shirts, they would say yes without hesitation. And on that note, we have been mighty fortunate to see our clients do exactly this.

If you are looking for a technology solution, and need it to be done right, hit us up to see if we are a good fit.

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