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Software Application Modernization

Moving from Legacy to Modern Technology? See how Fathom helps!

In today's fast-paced digital world, technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace. Organizations need to keep up with these advancements to remain competitive, but sometimes this means updating their existing software applications. This process is known as software application modernization.

What ever the need may be, be it custom software development, web application development , mobile app development, a B2C software solution or a B2B software solution, at Fathom we have rich experience in this area and know very well that it is vital to an organisation to constantly update legacy applications to keep them relevant and efficient. Legacy applications being old software systems built with  technologies which have long been outdated,are no longer suitable for today's business needs. These systems often cause slow performance, increased maintenance costs, and difficulty integrating with new systems.


Since every organization today is only as good as the technology supporting them, this brings down the efficiency of the entire organization. 

This is why organizations choose (either in phases or continually) to modernize their software applications. In our engagements, we have oten seen that the results of software application moderiastion are far and wide including:

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Improved efficiency and performance

Modern software systems are built with modern technologies that are designed for faster, more efficient performance. This leads to improved user experience and productivity.

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Better scalability

Legacy systems often struggle to scale up and down with changing business demands. Modern software systems can be designed to scale and grow with the organization, reducing downtime and improving overall performance.

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Improved security

Older software systems are more vulnerable to security threats, and may not meet current security standards. Modernizing the software will improve its security, protecting sensitive information and ensuring business continuity.

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Better integration

Legacy systems often struggle to integrate with newer systems, causing compatibility issues and reduced efficiency. Modern software systems are built with modern technologies, making them easier to integrate with other systems.

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Cost savings

Legacy systems require more maintenance and support, increasing costs for the organization. Modernizing the software will reduce maintenance costs and improve overall efficiency.

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Better access to support:

Once a technology starts becoming outdated, developers working on the technology often move on to the newer tech. This causes a dwindling of dev resources needed to support applications, and over time becomes a crippling reason to keep applications running.

To us CTO does not mean Chief Technology Officer, it means Chief Technology Office. There is where its not just one individual alone, it is a CTO supported by a fully functional CTO office available to them and therefore to you.

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